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Retirement Planning

The current retirement crisis in America is a concern, and many people are eager to maintain the lifestyle they have established but may have yet to discuss their financial situation. The conversation surrounding retirement savings and how to experience that money is entirely different. It is critical to ensure that you can maintain your standard of living in retirement while avoiding risks such as running out of funds, keeping up with inflation, or not having enough money. 

At OneIndiana Financial Group, we recognize the importance of these conversations and strive to assist our clients in addressing these issues. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions to help our clients efficiently experience their wealth and maintain their desired lifestyle in retirement. Additionally, we aim to help our clients understand their Medicare benefits to ensure they can make informed decisions during this phase of their lives.

How we help:

Items We Address 

  • Qualified retirement plans in variety — defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans of the money purchased pension and profit-sharing types, target benefit plans, Keogh plans for the self-employed, and section 401(k) plans
  • Simplified employee pension plans (SEPs)
  • SIMPLE retirement plans
  • Individual retirement accounts or annuities (IRAs) including Roth IRAs
  • Section 403(b) plans also called tax-sheltered annuities or TSAs
  • Rollovers direct rollovers and direct plan-to-plan transfers
  • Section 457 deferred compensation plans for certain employees in the government and not-for-profit sectors of the economy
  • and more!

Important Facts 

There are usually three main sources of income to draw from at retirement:

  1. Social security
  2. Employer qualified retirement benefits
  3. Personal savings and investments

Retirement planning consists of marshaling the resources from all three of these to help assure a financially rewarding retirement.